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Shillong Teer Result 2020, Teer Result, Khanapara Teer Result 2020

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Night Teer Result

Shillong Teer Result 2020 , Teer Result, Khanapara Teer Result 2020

SHILLONG ( Date: 12-10-2020)

F/R - 3:45 PMS/R - 4:45
Last 7 Days Shillong teer results
Date F/R S/R
23/09/2020 50 49
22/09/2020 86 82
21/09/2020 24 44
20/09/2020 OFF OFF
19/09/2020 75 24
18/09/2020 58 19
17/09/2020 27 41

JUWAI TEER RESULT ( Date: 12-10-2020)

F/R - 2:00 PMS/R - 2:45 PM
2789Table Data

Do you know what is Teer

Teer is one kind of lottery game and the results of the game are determined by archery. People played Teer by placing bets on the numbers from 00 to 99. You will get the result at 4.00 P.M from the daily Shillong archery. If you will win of 1 rupee (Indian Currency) then you will get 80 rupees (Indian currency) in return.

There are so many states where Teer is played in India. But Shillong Teer is the most popular Teer in India.

Teer played in two rounds in Shillong. The first round results are declared at 4 P.M and the results of second-round are declared at 5.00 P.M. In the first round for the bet of 1 rupee, you will get a chance to win 80 rupees, but in the second round for the bet of 1 rupee, you will get a chance to win 60 rupees.

After that, there is also a third option which name is “forecast”. In this, if you will get both bets on the first and second rounds then a betting amount of 1 rupee you will get a lump sum of 4000 rupees. For example, if you will bet of 200 rupees then you will get 800000 in return.

Do You Know the Dream Number?

How you can bet on a number ? How do you decide which number would be “the chosen one”?

The Meghalaya people believe that can be forecasted by the interpretation of dreams. And many times, it seems to be true. For this reason, it is not an uncommon thing for peoples of Meghalaya to ask you what you dreamed of last night.

An erotic dream may clarify the numbers 20, 30, etc, depending on the clarification. Like fish is 5, a snake is 6 or 9. If you caught 7 fishes last night in your dream then 57 can be your lucky number. The symbol can be the main source of this game.

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